Library Holdings


Complete Library holdings include 1,200,000 volumes (about 550,000 monographs and 650,000 volumes of periodicals), 70% of which are in foreign languages.

As a general scientific library, SASA Library acquires publications covering all scientific fields, but, bearing in mind the character of the Academy, its holdings include titles covering literature and arts (fine arts and applied arts and music) as well. These collections primarily include publications issued by domestic Academies and by foreign institutions, centres for Slavonic studies, scientific and professional literature on history, on Byzantine studies, linguistics, science of literature (study of Slavonic, Roman, English and German languages), basic literature on the principles of natural sciences, selected reference books; books for special collections (old and rare books, geographical maps, microfilms, data basis, audio-visual material). The main source for book acquisition has been, beside purchasing and precious bequests, the exchange of publications between the Academy and scientific and some other institutions both from Yugoslavia and from abroad. At the end of 1999 the Library cherished such cooperation with 298 institutions from Yugoslavia and with 870 institutions from abroad.

Bequests and gifts certainly represent an important way of enriching Library book holdings. Library holdings include special collections of different character with approximately 50,000 volumes. Most of these special collections represent legacies bestowed upon the Academy by the last will of eminent persons or as a gift by their descendants. Only few of these collections have been purchased by the Academy.

All SASA Library catalogues are divided into two groups: public (available to readers) and internal (reference books for librarians) catalogues.

Public catalogues: Author-title catalogue, Classified UDC catalogue, Reference book catalogue, Microfilm catalogue, Old and rare book catalogue, and since 1990 Electronic catalogue (material for the period 1990-1998 has been printed into 32 volumes).

Internal catalogues: Author-title catalogue, Accessions catalogue of periodical publications, Topographical catalogue, Magazine titles catalogue and Exchange catalogue.