Library Publications


Review of Library Publications - biennial publication, which gives a list of publications issued by the Academy and its Institutes, was till 1978 published within the Academy series Special Editions, but in 1978 the Library initiated its own series SASA Library Publications which, beside the above mentioned series, has included several other publications:

  • Ljubomir Nikić, Olgica Momčilović, Bibliography of the periodical Foreign Review;
  • Foreign Review IX-X, 1938-1939 - facsimile edition;
  • Ljubomir Nikić, Kosovo 1389-1989;
  • Joana Pavković, Bibliography of scientific and professional works and periodicals contributions by academician Dejan Medaković;
  • Gordana Žujović, Gordana Radojčić-Kostić, Catalogue of the SASA Photographs Collection, 1841-1847.
  • On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the SASA Library Review of SASA publications 1886-1947 was published (by Ljubomir Nikić and Mile Žegarac).

In 1991 we published a guidebook The Library of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.