Collection of Old and Rare Books


SASA Library has a collection of old and rare books of great value. Approximately 3,000 book titles (over 7,000 volumes) printed between XV and middle of XIX century have been collected and 245 titles of periodicals. Beside Serbian books important for our cultural history, which make the greatest part of the Library holdings, we must underline some important book collections. The most important among them is the personal library of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, out of which 48 books have been preserved. Srpski rječnik (Serbian Dictionary), issued in 1818 and Pismenica serbskoga jezika (Serbian Grammar), issued in 1824 contain comments written by Vuk.

Collection of books titled Serbica is also a rich one. It includes books in foreign languages on Serbia and Serbian people. Precious information on our country and people's life in XVII and XVII century is found in the accounts of travels and journey diaries of various distinguished personalities. Political treatises on our country dating from XIX century and published by foreign authors represent also a valuable document.

Out of 245 titles of periodicals we must underline Slaveno-serbskij magazin, the first Serbian magazine published in 1768, all issues of Letopis Matice Srpske (a periodical issued by a scholarly society Matica srpska) since 1824 and rare war publications.

Two books attract special attention: Prevozvyšenomu gospodinu đeneralu M. i kavaleru Nerančiču, na bregu Adrijatike / B...G... - published in about 1788, and Predanija, published in 1771.

Collection of old and rare books is constantly being increased and enriched by purchases and by bequests.