Committee Activities


The Committee’s past activities took on a course in several directions:

Implementation of international declaration on the use of human genetic data adopted at the 32nd UN Assembly in October 2003. Participation in the preparation of the Declaration on Universal Norms on Bioethics in 2005 and 2007; Acceptance of membership in COMETH, European Conference of National Ethics Committees, 2005; Adoption of the UNESCO-ROSTE initiative from Venice 2006-2007, to conduct parallel tests in Serbia, Slovakia and Macedonia, as a model which will serve as basis for evaluation of the level of knowledge of medical officers on the implementation of genetics in medical practice. Organization of three international conferences at SASA, in October 2006, attended by UNESCO experts, and June 2007 and 2010 with participation of the members of the European Council Ethical Committee, which books were published with presented papers in Serbian and English language; Work on laws and rules of procedures that will govern the activities in the area of biomedicine, with fulfilled requirement of the European Council International Bioethical Committees that the Convention on the Human Rights and Biomedicine was recently and officially ratified.

The members of the Bioethical Committee of the Republic of Serbia took active part in conferences organized in the past years within the region (Dubrovnik 2005, Bucharest 2006, Athens 2007, Sarajevo 2008, Bratislava 2009), as well as conferences to which they were invited in Paris and Strasbourg. Based on the decision of the 35th UNESCO Assembly in the autumn of 2009 in Paris, the National Committee of the Republic of Serbia became a member of the international Intergovernmental Bioethical Committee (IGBC) where it is represented by its co-president academician Professor Vladisav Stefanović, as well as in the ALLEA Ethical Committee, Federation of European Academies, seated in Paris. Professor Dr. Zvonko Magić, co-president, was elected a member of the Steering Committee for Bioethics (CDBI) of the European Council, seated in Strasbourg.