About the Committee

The National Committee for Bioethics of the Republic of Serbia is an independent body, performing its activity independently with respect to the authorities, research centers and other persons and institutions, whereas it shall advise about its decisions the Commission for Cooperation with the UNESCO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, as well as the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. . It upholds in the process the following regulations: Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (adopted at the UNESCO conference in Paris in 2005 and 2007); International Declaration on Human Genetic Data (UNESCO 2003); Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (adopted in 1997 by the European Council and amended by Protocols 1999-2006); Statute and Rules of Procedure of the Committee for Bioethics of the Republic of Serbia.

The Committee supports all activities focused on enhancing the general level of public awareness and general and private type of decisions related to bioethics. It cooperates with international organizations in the area of bioethics, as well as national and regional bioethics associations and committees.

In 2005 the National Committee for Bioethics of the Republic of Serbia became a member of the European Conference of National Ethics Committees (COMETH), and in autumn of 2009, at the 35th UNESCO Assembly in Paris, it was elected a member of the Intergovernmental Bioethical Committee (IGBC).