Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences
Scientific Profile

The Scientific Profile of the Department consists of various fields of physical chemistry, chemistry and biology, such as:

In Physical Chemistry and Chemistry: Chemistry of Stable Isotopes; Infrared Emission Spectroscopy; Electrochemistry; Chemical Power Sources; Hydrogen Bonding; Physical Organic Chemistry; Theoretical and Mathematical Chemistry; Chemical Graph Theory; Physical Chemistry of Materials; Solar Energy; Organic Chemistry: Synthesis, Reaction Mechanisms; Natural Products Chemistry: Isolation, Structure Elucidation, Bioactivity Evaluation; Crystal Structure Analysis by X-ray Diffraction; Chemistry of Steroids, Alkaloids and Sesquiterpene Lactones; Coal, Petroleum and Oil Shale Chemistries; Organic Geochemistry; Environmental Chemistry

In Biology: Physiology and Biophysics; Bioenergetics; Neurophysiology; Neuroendocrinology; Immunology; Hibernation; Photoreception; Fish Physiology; Aquaculture; Physiology and Biochemistry of Stress and Adaptation; Ecophysiology; Developmental, Population and Evolutionary Genetics; Gene-Enzyme Polymorphism in Drosophila; Anthropogenetics; Investigation of Serbian Flora and Fauna; Agricultural Entomology, Plant Protection (Field Crops); Plant Physiology; Mineral Nutrition; Photosynthesis; Radio Physiology; Growth and Development of Plants.

History of Science, Technology and Industry in Serbia.