Department of Historical Sciences
Scientific Profile

The Department covers three scientific disciplines: history, history of arts and archaeology. It has 12 historians (9 full members and 4 corresponding members), 3 historians of arts (2 full and 1 corresponding member) and 3 archaeologists (2 full and 1 corresponding member). The Department has 4 non-resident members and 14 foreign members (from Italy, Greece, Austria, USA, France, Turkey, The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Germany).

Scientific activity of Department is realized through scientific projects and referent Committees, that cover almost all periods and areas where Serbian people live. The same refers to the archaeology and history of arts. The members of SASA are in charge of all projects and Committees. Eminent scientific workers from universities and institutes participate in the work of Committees. The Department realizes its scientific tasks through inter-departmental committees and individual projects.

Historical Institute, Institute for Byzantine Studies, Institute for Balkan Studies and two Centers for Scientific Research, in Niš and Kragujevac, are under the authority of the Department.