Department of Language and Literature
Scientific Profile

Department of language and literature covers two scientific fields: science on language and science on literature. Members of this Department are distinguished writers, novel-prose and drama writers, literary critics and essayists. The Department has 26 full members, 4 corresponding members, 1 non-resident member and 12 foreign members.

The science on language is studied within Department through a number of scientific projects in different Committees: - for Serbocroatian language and folk language; for Serbian ethimological dictionary; for onomastics, than through interdepartmental committees for dialectic atlas of European, general Karpathian and Slavic countries, namely for language and terminology of medicine, as well as through the Committee for old Slavic languages which in parallel studies the Middle-age Serbian linguistic and literary tradition and manuscripts of the Serbian literacy.

The science on literature is studied within departmental committees for folk literature, literary theories, study of history of literature, for critical editions of Serbian writers and Committee for photoprinting editions of SASA, Matica Srpska and the National Library of Serbia.

Individual projects of the Academy members within Department of language and literature encompass the history of Serbocroatian language, study of language, style of writing and orthography of old Serbian manuscripts and printed materials, Serbian-Italian and Italian-Serbian cultural connections, impact of narrative literature to the written one, Serbian literature of the XX century, history of Dubrovnik literature, history of Slovakian literature and Modern style in Serbian and Hungarian literature.

The Department also takes care of scientific projects that are undertaken in SASA centers for scientific research in Niš and Kragujevac.

Great number of scientific workers, university professors and writers participate and work, either in individually or as a team, in projects of Department and its committees, that are accorded with the Academy projects.