Department of Fine Arts and Music
Scientific Profile

Besides individual creativity, activity of Department is realized through two Committees and three separate projects. One of the Committees is engaged in preparation of Dictionary of entries of fine arts, the other Committee is organizing study of the history of Serbian music. The first project "Recording of the Serbian folk-music" is dedicated to ethno-musicological field research, study and publishing of gathered material. The second project - "Recording of CDs and cassettes" - publishing of selections of ethno-musicological records and archive materials on contemporary forms of musical recording. The third project "Serbian musical heritage" deals with the research undertaken in the field of music life in Serbia in the past - individuals, institutions and events of Serbian music life. Besides SASA academicians, a great number of associates with the Institute of Musicology of SASA and scientific workers in relevant professions out of the Academy, are involved in the work of the Department's Committees and projects