Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geo Sciences
Scientific Profile

Differential equations (ordinary and partial). Qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations. Fractional differential equations. Fourier analysis. Wavelets and Gabor´s frames in time-frequency analysis. Microlocal analysis. Functional analysis. Generalized functions and the asymptotics of integral transformations. Methods of functional analysis in the solutions of equations with singularities, stochastic equations. Fixed point theory in topological vector spaces and in probabilistic metric spaces. Differential geometry. Semi-Riemanian geometry. Almost Hermitian manifolds. General topology. Pattern recognition. Teaching of mathematics. Set theory. Algebraic graph theory. Combinatorial optimization. Analytic number theory. Zeta-function, arithmetic functions. Approximation theory and numerical analysis. Orthogonal systems. Extremal problems. Interpolation and quadrature processes.

Analytical mechanics. Variational principles of mechanics. Conservational laws of dynamical systems. Optimal control theory. Heat transfer theory.

Physics – quantum information theory, quantum logic, fundamentals of quantum mechanics; plasma physics and physics of electric gas discharges, interaction of plasma with solid surfaces, spectroscopic diagnostics, spectral line shapes and intensities; linear and affine symmetry representations, world spinors, аffine gravity, quantum chromodynamics and hadron spectroscopy, ATLAS experiment at CERN; symmetries, nanophysics, quantum correlations; physics of superconductivity: superconducting-ferromagnetic hybrids, quantum interferometry; physics of strongly correlated systems and high-temperature superconductors; physics of “soft matter”,biophysics of proteins and DNK and physics of soliton waves.
Astronomy – celestial mechanics, small bodies of the solar system.

Numerical simulation of processes in the atmosphere.

Land vegetation of SE Europe and Alps (Paleozoic ---->Tertiary). Macrofossils. Palinology. Paleobiogeography. Schists lustrés. Karst of Serbia.

Geodynamics and Petrology. Ophiolitic rocks. Suture zones. Terrane analysis. Evolution of Balkan peninsula realm from Paleozoic.

Geochemistry and Mineralogy. Upper mantle rocks. Karstic bauxites. Karstic nickel deposits. Weathering. Geomedicine (Se, Mg).