Department of Technical Sciences
Scientific Profile

Department of Technical Sciences was founded in 1947. Its scientific activities cover various fields of theoretical, experimental and applied technics technology as well as scientific fields like: bridge constructing (theoretical and experimental investigation of metal constructions and their influence on modern constructing and building), shipbuilding (researches on the models of ship equipment and investigation of ship resistance and propulsion as well as building of modern floating vessels), new materials (advanced ceramic materials, synthesis of thin and thick films), high precision electrictromagnetic measurements (measurement of AC quantity, voltage, current and power), electromagnetics (numerical methods and analysis of complex electromagnetic systems, structures (new mathematical methods in the theories of structure, elasticity and plasticity), electrochemistry (anticorrosion material protection), robotics (intelligent systems of robot control), civil engineering (physical non-linearity in 2nd order theory of wood structures), fluids theory.

Within the Interdepartmental Committee on Physical Chemistry of Materials several multidisciplinary scientific areas are comprised: investigation of the process of material consolidation, synthesis and properties of new crystal and amorphous materials, electrochemical obtaining of non-metal layers on metal surfaces and their properties, materials in electrical engineering, investigation of technical conditions for the synthesis and characterization of superconducting coils and superionic and superelectronic non-metal electrical conductors.

The activity of the Department also includes participation of its members in the educational process at the faculties in Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska, their participation at domestic and international conferences, and their contribution to our industry as well.

The results of scientific research of the Department members may be seen in the Glas of the SASA Department of Technical Sciences or in the Bulletin of the SASA Department of Technical Sciences.