Society of Serbian Letters (1841–1864)




28th September

Jovan Sterija Popović and Atanasije Nikolić, the professors of the Lycée submitted to the Minister of Education the project for the Constitution, Organization and Seal of the Serbian Academy of Sciences. This proposal emerged from practical needs of the newly established Lycée (1838) whose professors were teaching without standardized literary language and orthography, since the orthographic reforms of Vuk Karadžić were banned in Serbia in 1832.

10th October

The Ministry (Sovjet) accepted all what was proposed, recommending only the change of the name from Serbian Academy of Sciences into Society of Serbian Letters.

14th November

Prince Mihailo Obrenović issued the Constitution (Statute and Organization of the Society of Serbian Letters), in the form of a Decree. The Statute contained clearly defined goals of the Society: „to expand science in the Serbian Language and to improve the Serbian vernacular Language“.