Serbian Learned Society (1864–1892)




25th October

Prince Mihailo Obrenović appointed Jovan Gavrilović as the President. The members were classified in four Departments: 1. Department of Moral, Linguistic and Literary Sciences; 2. Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; 3. Department of Historical and Governmental Sciences; 4. Department of Skills (Arts). The assembly appointed Janko Safarik as the Secretary of the Society. The agenda included the following items: cooperation with the German Learned Societies, collecting contributions for Herald, and providing the annual financial support for Vuk Karadžić's widow at the expense of the Ministry.

The Society was situated in the Captain Miša's Building.

29th July

Prince Mihailo Obrenović passed the Highest Prince's Decree whereby the Society of Serbian Letters was restored under the new name - Serbian Learned Society and the Statute that defined organization and the tasks of the new Society was approved.