Serbian Academy of Sciences (1947 - )


The Law on the SAS (June 30, 1947) brought some changes in the Academy structure that were characteristic of its future development and that remained untouched by later laws and statutes. The professional academies were replaced by the departments; 1. The Department of Mathematical Sciences, 2. The Department of Technical Sciences, 3. The Department of Medical Sciences, 4. The Department of Literature and Language (later Language and Literature), 5. The Department of Social Sciences, 6. The Department of Fine Arts and Music.

The biggest changes appeared with founding of scientific institutes within the Academy. Twenty institutes were established during 1947 and 1948, and four more institutes in the following year. Such a large number of institutes influenced scientific work of the Academy and its publishing activity, which expanded to a substantial degree. Institutes included in their programmes the earlier capital Academy tasks and, on the other hand, the programme included a number of scientific problems initiated by the Institutes. The Academy building was remodelled in 1952, as soon as the financial circumstances allowed it. The Academy Archive and Library, with their rich holdings, were opened to the public and became accessible to all scientists. The Academy was entrusted with managing Patriarchate-Metropolitan Archive in Sremski Karlovci, which was put in order and opened to scientific workers. Aleksandar Belić put a lot of energy into transforming the Academy when he had managing duties, first as a Secretary from 1923, and then from 1937 as a President. He was elected President until his death on February 26, 1960.

From 1954 on, new law on scientific activity changed the position of the Academy. The Institutes became independent and the Academy kept its status of a founder of some of them. 

In the 1960s the emphasis was put on inter-academic cooperation and on the realization of larger tasks through inter-academic committees, on organization of scientific meetings and on the Academy's role as coordinator of scientific activities. 

New programme orientiation accepted in 1974, during the presidency of Pavle Savić (from 1971), was focussed on scientific and research projects realized by the members of the Academy and other scientific workers collaborating with the Academy departments. Cooperation with other academies in Yugoslavia and from abroad was given important place. Today, the Academy pays special attention to general problems of the society (protection of the environment, long-term scientific policies, education, etc).