11-13 October 2017, Belgrade, Serbia
Earth's Climate Change: Science and Impacts



Climate change observation, and Earth system modeling, paleoclimate, limited area modeling, and climate change application scientists are kindly invited to a three-day symposium “Earth's Climate Change: Science and Impacts,” organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 11-13 October 2017, in Belgrade, Serbia. Following keynote talks by invited speakers, session will be held on what recent observations are telling us, Earth climate system modeling issues, lessons for the future we have from past climate, such as from the Eemian interglacial period, regional climate modeling, addressing Mediterranean / South-eastern Europe in particular, and climate change impact we can expect on vital issues of water, agriculture, energy, economy, health. Among others, keynote talks of James Hansen and André Berger are expected. Following the symposium an excursion to the “Culture and Science Center Milutin Milanković” in Dalj, Croatia, is planned for interested participants, on Saturday, October 14, with an appropriate program. The Center is located in a renovated Milutin Milanković family home, now housing a variety of exhibits related to Milanković’s life and work.

Please send information on your possible interest in attending the symposium by emailing to [climatechange2017(at)sanu.ac.rs] filled out preliminary registration form posted at http://www.sanu.ac.rs/English/ClimateChange/Home.aspx the sooner the better, but in any case by July 1. Please cc contact persons indicated on the form. The deadline for submission of abstracts is planned to be August 15. Further details will be posted in subsequent announcements.

Please be informed that the Local Organizing Committee of the Symposium “Earthʹs Climate Change: Science and Impacts,” organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 11-13 October this year, has decided to extend the deadline for the abstracts submission by 7 days, so that it now 22 August of this year.
In case you have submitted your abstract already, we shall welcome your revision of the submitted abstract, if desired, up to the 22 August. If a revised abstract is submitted, we shall have it replace the original.

It would be appreciated if you share this information with colleagues that you expect might be interested in attending the symposium. With thanks for your attention, and
hoping to welcome you in Belgrade,
The Symposium Organizing Committee, Belgrade, March 3, 2017


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