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Publishing Activity of the Gallery


The publishing activity of the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art began parallel with the exhibition activity in 1968 and consists of publishing the material that accompanies exhibitions.

The corresponding member Nedeljko Gvozdenovic was selected by the members of the Department as editor of the first catalogue for the exhibition at the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, a publication maintained as "extraordinary publication of the SASA Presidency", in 1300 copies run,. He was soon appointed a standing editor-in-chief of the new edition of the Academy publications prepared by the Gallery. Ivan Tabaković provided the graphic design of the first catalogues.

All the exhibitions of the SASA Gallery are accompanied today by study texts of renowned researches, art historians, reviewers, writers.

If they pertain to an exhibition of an artist - SASA member, they have the form of a monograph. The publications accompanying topical exhibitions that consists of scientific reporting texts and catalogue attachments. In this series titled Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts to date had been printed 112 books. Guides and catalogues on a smaller scale are prepared for the parts of the Art Collection that were exhibited as a whole.

A subseries of the Gallery edition titled Exhibition Notebooks, accompanying the exhibitions as occasional catalogues (Käthe Kollwitz, Art Collection), began to be published in 1974 (numbered since 1991) and to date has been issued over 20 notebooks.

A new series of Gallery editions was launched in 1980 - Exhibition newspaper carrying regular enumeration since 1984 (published over 20 newspapers).

Since 1982 publications are issued that accompany concerts, monthly repertoires, billboards and programme concerts. The Gallery is publishing each year the book Concert Programme at the Gallery.

With regular editions the Gallery also prints billboards, invitations and various appropriate reproductions of the works of art.