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Academician Svetomir Arsić Basara: Sculpture by OLGA JEVRIĆ: SUBLIMATED COSMIC HARMONY


Olga Jevrić’s sculpture is a living, moving and open organism in which the sought and existential line of growth is maligned time after time.

Olga Jevrić is one of those artists-sculptors who continuously improve their creative expression. Her creative development brought with itself the perfection of an authentic vision and internal dynamics whose field of vision of plastic elements and plastic quest was continuously opening up and imbued with new values. She built her world of art and creative work meticulously and by living it.

The basic recognizable characteristic of Olga Jevrić’s sculptures is a plastic perceptiveness, tactile quality of surfaces, sensual perception of volume and mass and harmony of outer appearance and gravity of mass.

Olga Jevrić’s creativity also signifies the literal emancipation from a non-critical and neo-romantic parochialism and regionalism. It concurrently departs from and overcomes the narrowed framework of traditionalism. The diversity of form, quantity of material and type of processing are developed on the basis of imaginative mechanics. The work loses its postament and appears as a linked phenomenon being powered from the opposite values of mass and space interpenetration. The development of idea and search for the solutions of form do not represent the spiritual heritage, but an integral part of her creative work. The overall transformation is at the same time the transformation of the continuous growth of basic structures on the move.

There is a creative impulse to establish a balance between the inner feeling and outer world in Olga Jevrić’s work; the impulse that a work of art represents a materialization of such a balance. This way, the work becomes a symbol of reconciliation, harmony and balance and leads to the spiritual tranquility, harmony and calmness representing a bridge between feelings and perception.

Two forces – vital and mythical – equally emanate from Olga Jevrić’s sculpture work. The vital force is reflected in the linking of shapes at an internal level, dynamic rhythm and embodiment of one integral mass in a given space. Mythical power arises and emanates from the life of shapes and composition.

The conflict with material is spontaneous, without a scheme and project; it is intuitive and, one could say, similar to the process of poetry writing – joyous orientation of the spirit.

Freedom and imagination are not manifested in a dance of random and uncontrollable details, but in a stable form communicated by the very space around it.

Centripetal Form I (1964),1965

Olge Jevrić’s sculptures primarily act through the balance of masses in an integrated field of vision. The internal organization of their meaning is suppressed by the illusion of inactivity and maturing of the living substance that, aspiring to heights, turns into a flight and ecstasy as though ripped off the surface and all physical volumes.

The pulsation of life lies in the very secret of matter, in its section and core, in its growth and reproduction. Creating in an environment abounding in ethnographic, mythical and folklore tenor, whose space was yet to be occupied with new shapes and new understanding of form, Olga Jevrić, together with other artists, carried out this task with great sense and success. Olga Jevrić liberated herself, rapidly and suddenly, from the conventional and static models by turning to a plastic medium characteristic for our time. Parallel with the perfection of her work technique went the perfecting of shapes corresponding to her contemplative aspirations. Her work contains the genesis of the elements of thought and the poetics of inner perspectives.

There is no impact of great masters in the creation of her plastic expression. But there is an entire spectrum of the modern comprehension of form which was certainly reflected in and had an impact on her work as a general tendency of creative stimuli and overall knowledge. This is a case of polyphony of cognitive and necessary similarities.

Olga Jevrić belongs to the generation of Serbian artists who made an enormous shift towards the modern expression departing from conventional and ideologized preoccupations in their creative work. Much credit goes to her and her generation for bringing Serbian art au part with the European and world art.

Olga Jevrić’s work surpassed all the trends and events of her time. It stands lonely on a creative pedestal as a brilliant and magnificent obelisk.

Her work is unique, autochthonous and unrepeatable. It is beyond all trends. It stands alone! As Branko Miljković wrote in his poem about Njegoš “The poem has left you alone!” The same way, sculpture has left Olga Jevrić alone!.

We don’t have a greater sculptor in the world today than Olga Jevrić! If, for example, an interplanetary exhibition of sculptures was organized, only Olga Jevrić’s sculptures could represent our planet, the Earth.

Her work sublimated the cosmic harmony. While looking at Olga Jevrić’s sculpture, one can feel it travel through distant constellations, free from gravity!

Academician Svetomir Arsić Basara