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Olga Jevrić’s Legacy

Olga Jevrić’s Legacy represents a part of the Art Collection of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In winter 2007 Olga Jevrić, a donor, gave away her 147 small scale sculptures to SASA Art Collection. The works of Olga Jevrić undoubtedly play one of the most important parts in Serbian and Yugoslav sculpture, at the same time proving their worth at the level of world sculpture in the second half of the 20th century.

The works of Olga Jevrić’s legacy at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts represent a luxuriant and exemplary opus of this academician. From her work Articulation of the Space /Artikulacija prostora/ (1956) to the sculptures For Isotropic Space II /Za izotropni prostor II/ (1992), Astatic Composition III /Astatična kompozicija III/ (1998), Olga Jevrić retained an abstract approach.

Olga Jevrić’s opus gives us the expressive perception of the world, therefore, her small format sculptures, which are generally used as a basis for larger formats made of cement, iron, terracotta and iron-oxide, seem natural and authentic at the same time. All 147 small format sculptures are autonomous works with something inherently and exceptionally individual and monumental.