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Foundation of the Gallery


At a gathering of the Department of Visual and Music Arts of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in January 1966 a proposal was made to adapt the ground-floor space of the SASA building to accommodate a "visual art gallery".

The extensive works on the reconstruction were commenced in 1967. The Gallery design was made by the architect Grigorije Samojlov, who had renewed and reconstructed the entire Academy building after the destruction in World War 2.

The Artistic Council of SASA was constituted in November 1967 headed by Nedeljko Gvozdenović. The Artistic Council of the Gallery was appointed by the Presidency of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts from Academy members and renowned experts.

The first exhibition in the newly established SASA Gallery - Serbian Nineteenth Century Artists - Members of the Academy was opened on May 20 and lasted until July 31, 1968; the exhibition was visited by 40,000 visitors. The author of the exhibition and the text for the publication was Dr Lazar Trifunović, director of the National Museum and member of the Gallery Council.

The Gallery began organizing lectures related to the exhibitions, printed postcards in color, reproductions of the works of art, and began cooperation with the SASA departments, institutions, as well as engagement of associates - authors of the texts. Cooperation with the media was promoted.

The Gallery documentation on the exhibitions and the artists - members of the Academy began to be formed in 1969. A professional closed type reference library was also formed.

Ivan Tabaković presented back in September 1970 to the Section of Visual and Music Art a proposal to extend the Gallery by using for the purpose part of the area of the printing room and the book store, first of all because of the enormous visits and the reputation the Gallery was gaining. The conditions to carry out this idea were ripe only in 1978.

The SASA Gallery extension project was led by the corresponding member Ivan Antić. The Gallery adaptation was performed according to the design of the architect B. Milović. The works on the reconstruction of the Gallery began in 1979, and lasted until 1982.

During the reconstruction the SASA Gallery exhibitions made guest appearances in other exhibition facilities in the city. The purchases and gifts to the Art Collection continued and all the Collection items were filmed for the documentation.

During the refurbishing of the Gallery, depots were constructed to hold the works of art of the Academy's Collection as well as a work area for framing the pictures and preparing the exhibitions. The exhibition area was increased several times and divided into the Exhibition Hall and the Academy Art Collection.

The museological work related to the SASA Art Collection continued, as well as the work on expanding documentation and professional references. Together with the work on collecting documentation also began the taking of video recordings on cassettes of all events related to the Gallery. The video and audio equipment of the Gallery was significantly enhanced.

The exhibition activity at the Gallery was continued by the exhibition Artists Members of SASA 1968–1978, which marked the tenth anniversary of Gallery's work.

After the renewal of the area SASA Gallery began in 1982 holding concerts and publishing accompanying material (billboards, programs).

Since its foundation to date the Gallery was managed by Dr. Stanislav Zivković and academicians Dragoslav Srejović, Gojko Subotić and Dinko Davidov.