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SASA Art Collection


Ljubica Sokić, corresponding SASA member, proposed at a meeting of the Section of Visual and Music Art in 1969 for the employees of the newly founded Gallery to make an inventory of the works of art owned by SASA based on museological principles. This was the formal beginning of recording and systematizing of the Art Collection of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art. The Section concluded in April next year that the Academy had to foresee "for the future establishing of a standing Gallery, where our best visual art representatives would be presented". Thus the need was formulated for forming a standing exhibition of the Academy's collection.

Systematic acquisition of the works of art for the Art Collection has been going on since 1982. The Collection was enhanced owing to numerous gifts by artist SASA members, their families and other donors, as well as through acquisition approved by the SASA Committee for Acquisitions and Gifts.

An area was secured for the conservation studio (operated until 1999). In Belgrade in 1973 a professional conservator and restorer was trained in cooperation with the National Museum. The Gallery thus began to take care of the works of art owned by SASA. The conservation and restoring of the items in the SASA Art Collection is performed presently by experts from the National Museum in Belgrade.

The Gallery's tasks in the area of collection and organizing the works of art of art owned by SASA have multiplied and broadened since 1984.

The Art Collection of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts collects, predominantly, works of the Academy members since its foundation, namely works related to a specific period, mainly the 19th - 21st century.

The holdings of the Collection, which are under the care of the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, consists of some 2800 inventory units (the Collection has up to 3500 items, because many of them hold an inventory number with different indexes). The Art Collection includes visual art items - paintings, graphic and sculpting works of about 270 artists, 50 of which are SASA members.

The first exhibition from the Art Collection of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arta at the Gallery was in 1982 under the name SASA Art Collection. The exhibition was last reorganized, supplemented and presented to the public in 2005.

The Collection was presented integrally, on a smaller scale, several times outside the Academy.