Letter by SASA President to His Holiness Patriarch Pavle

Letter by the SASA President, academician Nikola Hajdin to His Holiness the Patriarch Pavle:

em(*Your Holiness,em

em(*The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art and I personally are following with particular attention and care your state of health and share in sincere concern felt by all our citizens.em

em(*Your Holiness, we are using this occasion to send you the expression of our deepest respect and admiration for the works you are doing as the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, particularly the influence you are exerting by your personal example.em

em(*I wish to extend to you on behalf of the Academy and in my own name wishes for fast recovery and may your health serve you well in many years to come.em

em(*Respectfully yours,em

em(*Academician Nikola Hajdinem