University delegation visiting SASA

The President of the University in Belgrade, Prof. Branko Kovačević, with his associates, visited the Academy on January 11, 2008 on invitation of the SASA academician Nikola Hajdin. The talks were conducted between the academician Nikola Tasić, Vice President of the Academy and academician Dimitrije Stefanović, Secretary General of the Academy and Vice Presidents of the University, Prof Neda Bokan, Ph.D. and Prof Branko Medojević.

The two delegations expressed their satisfaction with the former cooperation and exhibited mutual interest to promote this cooperation in the future in order to develop and gain recognition of science and accelerate its integration in the world trends. It was proposed to conduct the cooperation within joint scientific projects which would then compete for the assets of the European funds, organize joint scientific meetings, print joint publications and participate in organizing doctoral studies, as well as support the Academy in the process of education of human resources. The two institutions will motion in the process of amendment of the Law on Higher Education facilitation of retired University professors to take part in the organization of doctoral studies. An important role in the execution of cooperation between the two institutions is played by the Interdepartmental Body formed by SASA and the University in Belgrade three years ago, composed of three representatives from each of the institutions.

The President Nikola Hajdin was appointed a member of the Honorary Committee in charge of marking the 200 years of founding of the University. This jubilee will be marked by numerous manifestations within the framework of which will be held the World Conference of University Presidents in September 2008. The Academy will provide the University with full support in marking this jubilee.