The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art was visited on Friday, February 8th by the President of the Republic of Srpska and the President of the Academy of Sciences and Art of the Republic of Srpska, the academician Rajko Kuzmanović.

President Rajko Kuzmanović talked to the following academicians: Nikola Hajdin, SASA's President, Nikola Tasić, SASA's Deputy President, Vasilije Krestić, Director of SASA Archives and Milorad Ekmečić.

The heads of the two Academies discussed further development of academic and cultural cooperation and engagement on common projects.

During their discussion they focused particularly on organization of a scientific inter-academic conference on annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference is expected to have international character. Year 2008 will mark a hundred years since the Austro-Hungarian Empire annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. The annexation resulted in a huge international annexation crisis in 1909 which led to the outbreak of World War I.

The two Academies will define in the period that follows the time, venue and character of this scientific conference, which will be announced timely to the public.