Announcement by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Regarding the Illegal Proclamation of Independence of Kosovo and Metohija 

At this extremely hard moment for Serbia, when the illegal independence of Kosovo (and Metohija) has been illegally proclaimed, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art gives its full support to the President, Prime Minister and the Parliament of Serbia in their attempt to annul this unilateral deed inappropriate in the diplomatic history of the civilized world.

Through numerous gatherings, publications and public announcements the Academy had tried to show, presenting scientific facts and undisputable argumentation, the absurdity of creating a new state in the territory which had belonged to the Serbian nation, the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian rules since the early Middle Ages.

Trusting that the legal and scientific argumentation will be observed before final declaration on the unilateral decision of Pristina, we believe in the objectivity of numerous allies and friends Serbia had had in the past, the present and, we believe, in the future.