Demolition of the House of Veljko Petrović in Sombor

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts received with unease and disbelief the news that the house in which Veljko Petrović, academician, one of the greatest Serbian story-tellers, writers, art historian and director of the National Museum in Belgrade was born, has been demolished in Sombor.

The state and its institutions and individuals that have acquired capital working in this country hold a great responsibility towards the future of the country, preservation of its rich cultural heritage and legacy left after the ancestors which has to serve a guiding light to the future generations.

This is just one of the examples where the state did not have the strength to protect the cultural estate and preserve from oblivion a memory of a great man to the benefit of future generations.

The Academy appeals to all state authorities to work on raising the awareness both of its services and the public as well as the entrepreneurs, the world of business and foreign investors regarding the preservation of cultural heritage through investment in science and culture, particularly through establishing the long forgotten institution of endowments.