SASA delegation at the CEEN meeting in Sofia

The SASA delegation consisting of, President Academician Nikola Hajdin, Vice President Academician Ljubisav Rakić and corresponding member Časlav Ocić participated in the 10th meeting of the academies of the Central and Eastern European Network countries (CEEN) in Sofia from April 4 to 6. The main topic had been the regional competitiveness in the sphere of science and education. The first part of the gathering discussed the competitiveness in science and education of the countries of Southeastern Europe.

At the gathering, in which, besides the host, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, also participated the Balkan Political Club and the European Academy of Sciences and Art, bilateral cooperation was also summed up. Certain projects, which were estimated to be of interest for the region, will be incorporated in the regional projects, noted Academician Rakić. He emphasized as particularly interesting the projects dealing with environmental protection, energy, demographic problems, health protection, natural resources, protection of cultural estates and national sciences.

The CEEN gathering, established 10 years ago, was a chance for the representatives of academies of sciences of Southeastern Europe to meet and exchange ideas on projects they are working on, as well as their participation within other associations, participated by, like CEEN, also the academies of the Black Sea region.

In addition to this, there was talk about the possible cooperation with the academies of the countries of the European Union within the interacademy project, said Academician Rakić. He estimated that the position of SASA, which is part of CEEN since 2001, has been very active and good in the past five years.