SASA Digitalization Team

Two digitalization units were purchased early this year by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, finally creating the prerequisites for the Academy library and archive material to be transferred to digital form. A scanner for KODAK 2400DSV-E with ancillary equipment and book scanning system ATIZ BookDrive DIZ with photo cameras CANON EOS Digital Rebel Sti with ancillary equipment were purchased. Besides these units the Digitalization team also disposes with A3 flatbed scanner EPSON GT-15000.

After completing the training on the KODAK and ATIZ the team began with the digitalization of the material. Over 3000 pages of book and microfilmed material was scanned and processed. Parallel with this job the team also assists other services and academicians. Besides scanning and processing of pictures the team also performs the following tasks: photography, preparing billboards and other printed material for gallery exhibitions, preparing presentations and logos, etc.

The SASA digitalization team is in the early stages of its operation, hence the finalization of the entire team's work process is yet to be done. Plans are made to acquire more equipment, first of all for the digitalization of audio and audio material, to expand the team number and, most important, to acquire a respective data base which could be rendered searchable also through the Internet.