Awarding the Price of the Library “Djordje Jovanović” to academician Svetozar Koljević for his book “Challenges of Babylon”

The members of the jury for awarding the Price “Djordje Jovanović”, Ljubiša Jeremić, President, Radivoje Mikić and Gojko Tešić, members, on the final session held on 14th October 2008, unanimously determined to award the Price “Djordje Jovanović” 2008 to Svetozar Koljević for his book “Challenges of Babylon” (MATICA SRPSKA, Novi Sad.)

In this book, a reliable expert on literature, Svetozar Koljević, relying on his extraordinary knowledge of General Literature, treated, and impressively illuminated the topic of clash of different cultures within the Serbian Literature (in the works of Ivo Andrić, Miloš Crnjanski, Aleksandar Tišma and Slobodan Selenić).
Ceremonial awarding of the Price will be held on Monday, 20th October 2008 at 12 p.m. in the Library “Djordje Jovanović”, Zmaj Jovina 1 when the prize winner will address the audience with an occasional speech.