A meeting was held on November 3rd at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art between the SASA delegation and the Ministry of Education, headed by the SASA President, academician Nikola Hajdin and Minister of Education Zarko Obradovic.
Mr. Nikola Hajdin and the Minister Zarko Obradovic discussed the upgrading of the educational system in Serbia, both in the higher education which is closely linked to science as well as the highly essential elementary and secondary education.
SASA President, Nikola Hajdin stated:
We have sufficient interest to extend the cooperation with educational institutions, extend our interest not just to the higher education, but also to the elementary schools and high schools, since, at the end of the day, this provides a significant support to the growth and development of our culture.
The SASA President, Mr. Hajdin, reminded that Serbia is allocating about 0.4' of the gross domestic income to science, which are lowest investments compared to the countries at the same level of development.
Zarko Obradovic, Minister of Education pointed out that the Ministry of Education and Science pointed out that the Ministry of Education and Science must devise and propose a resolution which will link education and science as two inseparable processes in the best functional manner and turn them to the benefit of the society, to find a way to finance the projects and how the projects will be implemented for the development in Serbia.