The authentic exhibition realized through the cooperation of the University in Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, National Museum in Belgrade, Museum of the City of Belgrade and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art has been seen within seven days by almost 10 000 visitors.
Thanks to the exhibition Vinča - Pre-Historic Metropolis the visitors have a chance, after a two-decade long break to become acquainted with and feel Vinča in all its greatness and complexity, understand its outstanding significance and at the same time be stimulated to continue the story of the primeval inhabitants of these areas.
Becoming acquainted with the supreme artistic mastery of the Vinča culture, the one hundred year long history of archeological research of the Vinca locality and the day-to-day life in a Metropola situated very close to Belgrade, the visitors have a chance to perceive all the luxury of a long-gone epoch as well as the efforts of the Serbian archeologists and generations that had inherited the area where the Vincantians used to live. The exhibition was put up in the desire to remind, attract interest and inform the visitors, inspiring them to love, study and keep this inestimable jewel of the European civilization.