Eminent exhibition “Byzantium 330-1453”

On the occasion of the eminent exhibition “Byzantium 330-1453” held in the Royal Academy of Arts, London has also hosted several scientific conferences and lectures under the slogan Byzantium Comes to Britain. The major conference was the international scientific symposium titled Authority in Byzantium. Ljubomir Mihajlović, corresponding member of SASA, participated in this symposium, whereas the organizer of the symposium was the King's College, University of London.
Nineteen lecturers from various countries introduced during the meeting miscellaneous forms of power and authority in Byzantium, within different spheres of life and structures of the state and the society. The last session was dedicated to the topic titled Authority in Byzantine Studies which included three cardinal byzantologists of the 20th century: English (Scotsman) Robert Browning, German Hans-Georg Beck and Serbian Georgije Ostrogorski, long-time member of SASA and many other Academies of Sciences, and the Director of the Institute for the Byzantine Studies of SASA (28 years).
Classifying the academician Ostrogorski among the three most prominent scientists within the field of Byzantine studies is the great honor for the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as for Serbian science in general.