Website of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts available to everyone

Belgrade, 25th March 2008 – Eurobank EFG and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) entered a Agreement on Donation that will be used for adaptation of the Internet presentation to the needs of disabled persons. Therefore, Eurobank EFG and SASA actively contribute to free integration of disabled persons in all aspects of social, scientific and cultural life.

In the preparation of the innovated internet presentation of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts www.sanu.ac.rs, all standards, whereby the site's “legibility” shall be guaranteed, will be observed, and all users can, therefore, easily access information about the activities of SASA. The persons with impaired vision, thanks to a hardware-software attachment on the computer and the site, can obtain, by following the sound messages, textual contents, description of images, links and navigations.

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as an institution of the highest significance for science and art therefore encourages integration of disabled persons in the normal social life and provides an incentive to other major institutions of culture to provide disabled persons with the opportunity of equal access to all information.

Adapted version of the Internet Presentation of SASA will be available from…

Eurobank EFG, as a bank that operates in accordance with the European standards, tends to promote the principles of the International UN convention on protection of rights and dignity of the disabled persons. Eurobank was granted the VIRTUS award that primarily emphasizes rich and long-term engagement for the purpose of resolving the serious social problem, that is, inclusion of persons with disabilities into normal living and working styles.

Eurobank EFG has also refined its own Internet presentation to make it available to everybody. Furthermore, the bank enhanced the Branch Offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš in accordance with the needs of disabled persons.

Eurobank donated 51,000 EURO for adaptation of the Rainbow Colors Park in Bežanijska Kosa, the first park in the region dedicated to disabled children and persons. The park contains benches and gymnastics devices suited to the needs and demands of the disabled children. Everyday use of these devices helps the integration of such children in the normal social life, and at the same time stimulates the betterment of their health.