Award of the Branko Ćopić Endowment

At the sessions held in January, February and March 2009, the Management Board of the Branko Ćopić Endowment – consisting of the academician Svetozar Koljević (President), academician Matija Bećković, academician Milosav Tešić, corresponding member Dušan Kovačević and corresponding member Nada Milošević-Djordjević – considered several significant literary accomplishments published in 2008. The jury was particularly interested in the following works of prose: Laura Barna: Moja poslednja glavobolja (My Last Headache) – Zavod za udžbenike Beograd, 2008, Aleksandar Gatalica: Nevidljivi (The Invisible) – Zavod za udžbenike Beograd 2008, Dragan Lakičević: Ludački rukopis: Beogradske priče (Mad Handwriting – Belgrade Story )– Srpska književna zadruga, Beograd 2008, Rodoljub Stepanović: So zemlje (The Salt of the Soil) – Koraci, Kragujevac 2008, Vladimir Tasić: Stakleni zid (Glass Wall) – Adresa, Novi Sad, 2008, Dana Todorović: Tragična sudbina Morica Toma (Tragic Fate of Moric Tom) – Stubovi Kulture, Beograd, 2008. In the domain of works of poetry, the Jury was particularly attracted by the following collections of poetry: Dejan Aleksić: Dovoljno (Enough) – Matična Biblioteka “Svetozar Marković”, Zaječar 2008), Vladimir Jagličić: Jutra (Mornings) – Zavod za udžbenike, Beograd, 2008), Milovan Stanković: O čemu sanja cveće (What the Flowers are Dreaming About) – Prometej, Novi Sad, 2008. At the session held on 24th March 2009, the Jury unanimously decided to deliver the best work of prose award to:
Laura Barni for her exceptionally dynamic philosophical dealing with the extreme questions of human life and death as seen through the life path of Isidora Sekulić - a great martyr of her own generosity and culture - in the novel Moja poslednja glavobolja (My Last Headache) which, at the same time, stands for an exciting panorama of the Belgrade cultural life of the time. Furthermore, Jury unanimously decided to grant the best recent work of poetry award to:
Dejan Aleksić for his authentic lyrical quest for deceitfulness of “enough” in a picturesque richness in which a sensible every-day life interweaves with sophisticated ascents and raptures in the collection of poems Dovoljno (Enough). In Belgrade, 24th March 2009.