Meeting the Director of CERN and the lecture in SASA
The President of SASA, academician Nikola Hajdin, with the Vice-President academician Ljubisav Rakić and the General Secretary academician Dimitrije Stefanović met with the General Director of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer on Friday, 8th May 2009, in the SASA Club Salon. The Rector of the Belgrade University Prof. Dr. Branko Kovačević and the members of the CERN Commission of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development Prof. Dr. Petar Adžić, Prof. Dr. Miroslav Vasković, Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Belić, Prof. Dr. Dragan Popović and Prof. Dr. Djordje Šijački were present at the meeting.

Last autumn, Serbia submitted the application for candidacy for membership in this prestigious scientific institution. In March Serbia provided CERN with the report on the status of science and economy, particularly physics, in Serbia, whereby Serbia completed the first step on its road to the membership. Minister Djelić and Professor Heuer will discuss next steps to be undertaken and strengthening of cooperation of our researches with the major European scientific institution.

In his first visit to Serbia, the recently appointed General Director of CERN also made a tour of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinča” and the Institute of Physics in Zemun. Furthermore, he will deliver a lecture titled “CERN: Experiments on Large Hadron Collider” at the Conference Hall of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.