Academician Mihailo Đurić won the international Prize “Prof. Luigi Tartufari”

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts received yesterday on 12th May 2009, announcement from the prominent National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Italy (ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DEI LICEI), a letter officially informing that the academician Mihailo Đurić won the international Prize “Prof. Luigi Tartufari” for contribution to the philosophical and legal sciences.
It was decided regarding the international call that the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Italy addressed to SASA last year, to nominate the academician Mihailo Đurić as the candidate for the Prize, on the motion of the Department of Social Sciences.
The reasoning that SANU submitted to the Italian Academy emphasizes the immense contribution of the academician Đurić to the field of philosophy and law. The Department of Social Sciences also stressed in the said reasoning that his work was influenced by the specific circumstances after the Second World War, the long and prominent family tradition as well as the engagement at the University. The reviews of three books by the academician Mihajlo Đurić were also enclosed:
1. Mythos, Wissenschaft, Ideologie, Amsterdam, Rodopi, 1971
2. Nietzsche und die Methaphysic, Berlin-New York, Water de Gruyter, 1985
3. O potrebi filozofije danas, Novi Sad, Prometej, 1999 (On the Need for Philosophy Today: The Philosophy between East and West).

The Prize titled “Prof. Luigi Tartufari” is awarded for economy, law, philosophy, philology and history. The Prizes are awarded to the Italian and foreign scientists, whereas the five-member Commission is appointed to choose the Prize winners.
National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Italy at the same time announced an international open call for medical sciences, mechanics, mathematics and physics.

The Prize for philosophy is rightfully awarded to the academician Mihailo Đurić whose outstanding career is marked by numerous published books in Serbian and German Language, and professorship at the Faculty of Law.