Protocol on Cooperation with the Institutes of Physics and Biology

Today, May 27th 2009 Protocols on cooperation of SASA with the two most prominent Serbian institutes in the field of natural sciences: Institute of Physics and Institute of Biology “Siniša Stanković” have been signed.
The Protocols were signed by the President Nikola Hajdin on behalf of SASA, Mr. Dragan Popović, Director, on behalf of the Institute of Physics and Mr. Miodrag Petrović, on behalf of the Institute of Biology. The Vice Presidents of SASA, Mr. Ljubisav Rakić and Mr. Nikola Tasić were also present at the ceremony of signing the Protocols.

Taking into consideration the possibilities and benefits of such cooperation, SASA and the Institutes have defined through these Protocols the common goals and tasks in the field of joint research engagement on development and implementation of scientific-research programs and projects that will be carried out on the premises of the Institutes. Protocols envisage that the scientific staff of SASA should also take part in the research projects of the Institutes, and in the activities related to application of scientific knowledge, particularly in the field of fundamental and applied researches, as well as in the realization of particular projects.
Protocols also envisage joint organization of scientific meetings, public discussions, consultative meetings for the purpose of exchange of know-how; specialization of scientific-research and professional staff, enhancing the scientific and professional documentation and scientific information system.

SASA will enable the research groups at the Institutes to take part in international scientific cooperation that SASA practices under the Agreement on cooperation with foreign academies and their institutes.

The participants of the Protocol realize such cooperation by joint establishment of the program of scientific-research activities, by researching and keeping up with the modern methods of research work and providing conditions for their further development and advancement.
Such mutual cooperation will rest on the principles of equality and mutual exchange of information on all issues that may affect the cooperation.

The President of SASA, Vice-Presidents and the Directors of the Institutes agreed that the investment in Serbian science is scandalously low. Any allocation of funds amounting to less than 1% of the total budget could not be regarded as implementation of any policy in the field of science. Such position towards science places Serbia in the rear as one of the most backward transitional countries whereby it is losing the race with the neighboring countries that had been ranked below Serbia.

The Protocol aims at intensifying the cooperation between SASA and the Institutes, and securing a continuous development of science and technology in Serbia during the current economic crisis as well as presence of all relevant scientific-research institutions in domestic and world market.