Occasion of Signing the Protocole on Cooperation with the University of Belgrade

The Protocol on Cooperation with the University of Belgrade was signed on 5th June 2009 at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The Protocol was signed by: President Nikola Hajdin, on behalf of SASA and Branko Kovačević, on behalf of the University. The Vice-Presidents of SASA, Ljubisav Rakić and Nikola Tasić, General Secretary of SASA, Dimitrije Stefanović and Vice-Deans of the Belgrade University Neda Bokan and Dušan Teodorović were also present at the ceremony of entering the Protocol.

The parties hereby agree that they will establish international cooperation for the purpose of mutual cooperation, and advancement and development of university education and academic practice.

International cooperation implies organization and realization of all activities within the fields that are of common interest, and they contribute to interconnectedness among educational, scientific-research and art activities, integrating them into the teaching process.

Protocol also envisages that the concrete forms of cooperation from this Protocol will be governed by special agreements that will regulate the activities of SASA at the University on the occasion of initiating the change of the regulatory act which will be signed by the University Rector and President of SASA.
The SASA President and University Rector agreed that the cooperation between these two institutions is necessary and that its final goal is better qualification of young staff for the work at the University and engagement in science.

Interconnection among University, SASA, scientific-research institutions and economy determines the progress of a country and growth of its economy and production.