Monument of Milorad Pavić raised in Moscow

A monument was unveiled in Moscow, in front of the “Library of Foreign Languages” to the Serbian writer Milorad Pavić. The bronze bust made by the well known Russian sculptor Grigorij Potocki was put up in the green area in front of the library, beside the monuments of other foreign writers, from Dante to this date. Milorad Pavić said on the occasion:
„I would not be here today had it not been for the Russian readers and my books and my theater performances in Russian. At the time when I was not translated into Russian, the Russian readers were coming to the Moscow “Library of Foreign Languages” and read my prose in the original or translations. That's what I was told when Jasmina Mihajlović, my wife and I came to Moscow on the occasion of one of my plays. That is why the bust was put up here today, in front of the “Library of Foreign Language” to which I owe, therefore, double gratitude.

The monument is here because of my books, and they were published in Russia by many, and I would like to mention them here and than the magazine “Foreign Literature”, renewed magazine “Yasnaya Polyana” issued by the Tolstoy Museum in Yasnaya Polyana, publishing houses “Amfora”, “Azbuka” and Zebra 7”, as well as the Russian theaters from Moscow to Siberia that had played and are still playing my dramas. These are: the Moscow Hudozestevene Theater of Chekhov in Moscow, LENSOV in St Petersburg, theater in Voronyez and Prokopyevsk. I wish to thank also the directors of my plays, as well as the actors and publishers that have recorded on some of my novels CE “Audiobook”. Without my marvelous translators Ms. Larisa Saveljeva and Ms. Natalia Vagapova, my prose and my dramas in Russian would not have existed. Finally, I also owe in a special way gratitude to the Russian newspapers and magazines, the Russian internet, TV and radio, Russian Slavists and literary, i.e. theater critics that have accepted my works with such great attention.
Giving my thanks to the famous Russian sculptor Grigoriy Potocki, who came to Belgrade with his wife couple of years ago to do my portrait, which you now see before you, I can say that I have been given in my life more than many receive after passing away. Thank you all."