The Gallery of SASA introduces new accessibility standards

Belgrade, February 11, 2010 – The Gallery of SASA in collaboration with the Center for Development of Inclusive Society has made the expertise on accessibility of the Gallery space at Knez Mihajlova 35. In its Letter of Intent SASA confirmed the resoluteness and social responsibility to provide persons with disabilities with absolute access to Gallery's content and programs for the purpose of resolving the serious social issue of inclusion of persons with disabilities into normal streams of living and working.

The Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts is reputed as one of the best and most visited galleries in Serbia. The results have been achieved thanks to the engagement of Gallery's staff and SASA management.

In order to achieve even better results, the SASA Gallery has initiated the project of introduction of technical equipment that would improve communication with the audience and enable disabled persons to be regular visitors of the Gallery and perceive freely all contents and programs that SASA realizes.

Following the example of the best world galleries, it is necessary to ensure better contact with the audience, and enable the SASA Gallery visitors to become acquainted in the most appropriate manner with all exhibited works and operation of the Gallery by means of modern technologies such as video guides with recorded data regarding the displayed exhibits.

Audio guides have a multipurpose role since in addition to its educational role they increase the reputation of the Gallery and therefore the Academy itself as an institution that proves its readiness to keep pace with contemporary streams of life.

Center for Development of Inclusive Society, being an organization committed to provision of prerequisites for inclusive societies, with the accent on active integration of disabled persons into all social streams, positively evaluates the initiative of SASA and encourages all institutions of culture to follow the same pattern.

Furthermore, signatories of the Letter of Intent, SASA and CDIS, motivate all socially responsible companies to support financially such initiatives and thus provide persons with various types of disabilities with access to their programs.