In honor of Belic

A joint session was held on March 4 at the SANA Foreign Language Institute between the Scientific Council and the Steering Board with the sole topic on the agenda: In Memory of the Academician Aleksandar Belić. The session was prepared within marking of the 50th anniversary of the demise of academician Belić, the most significant Serbian linguist, many-year president of the Serbian Academy (from 1937 to 1960, when he died), founder and first director the SASA Foreign Language Institute. Academician Belić had organized twice within his long and fruitful research work the scientific work at the Academy - after the World War One and Two. He founded several most eminent scientific periodical in the domain of linguistic science – Srpski dijalektoloski zbornik (Serbian proceeds of dialectology) (1905), Juznoslovenski filolog(South Slovene Philologist) (1913) and Naš jezik (Our Language) (1932). The academician Aleksandar Mladenović, Belić's student talked about the science research path of the academician Belić.