Huge Acclaim of the Serbian Science and Civil Engineering

The Monograph titled “Philosophy of Bridge Design in America and Europe” is published in China. An opulently illustrated monograph by Vang Ying Ling and Zong Yu Biyan introduces 300 works of 43 designers of American and European bridges selected as the most influential and most significant designers in the past two hundred years
Two bridge-designers from Serbia, academician Nikola Hajdin and Ilija Stojadinović are also members of this elite company.
The oeuvre of the two distinguished Serbian bridge-designers is represented by their major and innovative works. Ilija Stojadinović is represented by his construction designs of bridges on the islands of Pag and Krk, and the bridge in Šibenik. Academician Nikola Hajdin is represented by his innovative construction designs of bridge in Orašje, Sloboda Bridge in Novi Sad, Railroad Bridge over the Sava River, and bridge in Plocko, Poland.

The greatest achievements in bridge-building are presented through designers and their works. The emphasis, as the author himself says in the preface, is placed on the wisdom of designers, evolutionary development of bridge-building through application of various solutions dependant on terrain configuration, new materials and ingeniousness of designers.

The fact that it comes from the most populated country in the world that is going through an economic and industrial boom, taking over the role of the world leader, gives emphasis to this huge acclaim of the Serbian science and civil engineering.