Talks with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Serbia

The SASA President Nikola Hajdin received the Ambassador of Ukraine in Belgrade, Mr. Viktor Nedopas.

The meeting at SASA was attended by: academician Ljubiša Rakić, Vice President, academician Dimitrije Stefanović, Secretary General, academician Momčilo Ristić, corresponding members: Predrag Piper and Aleksandar Loma.

The SASA President acquainted the guests with the state of cooperation between the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and SASA, concluding that in spite of a signed Agreement on Cooperation of the two academies (2006) and Thematic Plan containing 14 joint scientific projects, this cooperation is not at a desirable level. He asked Ambassador Nedopas to mediate in upgrading the cooperation and determining concrete proposals of projects on the Ukrainian side, which would be interesting for both academies.

The Ambassador Nedopas acquainted the present with the fact that a preparation of the program of scientific research cooperation is in progress at interstate level, for the period 2011-2012, to be adopted at the meeting of the Mixed Committee for scientific and technical cooperation of the two countries, which is planned for the second or third quarter in Belgrade.

It was agreed that the Ukrainian side will present concrete proposals for the joint project, with the leaders of the project cooperation, which SANU would send to all its departments for consideration and harmonization. Ambassador Nedopas proposed that the project cooperation between the two academies should be an integral part of an interstate scientific and research cooperation, but that solely the two academies shall be responsible for the execution of the projects which are part of the cooperation of the academies, and that the state offers full support to such a form of cooperation

There was talk at the meeting about making of a Serbian-Ukrainian dictionary. The proposal for joint work on a bilingual dictionary needs to be placed within a framework of realistic possibilities and procedures at SASA. Considering the fact that the Ukrainian side has more technical and personnel potential, it is realistic for them to be the leaders of this job. In that sense the corresponding member Predrag Piper, in the capacity of president of the Committee for Serbian language compared to other languages sent a proposal to the director of the Linguistic Institute of NANA, academician Skljarenko, for this Institute to send an expert to SASA in order to achieve a concrete agreement on the cooperation on a bilingual dictionary, and Ambassador Nedopas was asked to mediate in the materialization of this initiative. .

The Ukrainian Ambassador agreed with the proposal for the SASA Branch in Novi Sad to deal more with the issues of the position of the Ukrainian minority in Vojvodina.