Visit by the delegation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

April 22-25, 2010

The high delegation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences consisting of: Prof. Li Shenming, Vice President of CASS, Prof. Zhang Shuhua, Deputy Director General and Senior Research Associate of the Center for Documentation and Information, Prof. Chang Joujun, Deputy Director General and Senior Research Associate of the CASS Bureau of International Cooperation, Prof. Luo Vendung, Senior Research Associate of the CASS Academy of Marxism, Prof. Sjin Sjangjang, Senior Research Associate of the CASS Academy of Marxism and Mr. Mao Shuo, associate of the CASS Bureau of International Cooperation visited with the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art in the period from April 22 to 25, 2010.
The visit was agreed in order to promote the inter-academy cooperation. The talks at SASA were held on April 22, 2010, and the guests were received by the members of the Executive Board: academician Nikola Hajdin, SASA President, academician Ljubisa Rakić, Vice President and academician Dimitrije Stefanović, Secretary General. The talks were attended on behalf of the Department of Social Sciences by the academician Vojislav Stanovčić, Department Secretary, corresponding member Caslav Ocić and corresponding member Danilo Basta, and on behalf of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Belgrade, by Mrs. Hua Jafang, chargé d'affaires, Mr. Liu Yonghong, attaché for culture and Mr. Li Shaotao, cultural advisor.
Mutual satisfaction with the former cooperation was expressed during the talks and emphasized the mutual respect existing between the Chinese and the Serbian peoples. The hosts pointed out particularly the impressive economic development of China in the past decade, as well as the role China is playing today in the international community.
Prof. Li said that a good balance exists between the natural and social sciences in China and that scientists oriented to natural sciences understand well the social trends and phenomena in the country. There are three events that need to be considered carefully in order to understand better the occurrences of the 20th century: the October Revolution in 1917, socialist development after World War 2 and falling apart of USSR and the Eastern Block, as well as SFR Yugoslavia at the end of the 20th century. It is necessary to understand and interpret history properly in order to better plan the future.
The CASS research results serve as a basis for creating the country's development strategy. There are some 20 topics on which research is conducted: economics, historiography, finances, international relations, literature etc. and the projects are defined by a separate state commission. Furthermore, the Academy achieves cooperation and cultural exchange with the European Union, and has joint projects with other academies as well (in the sphere of ecology, research of climate changes, etc.).
Prof. Li Shenming invited the Serbian researches to visit China within the SASA and CASS Cooperation Agreement. In addition to this, mutual readiness to organize joint scientific gatherings was also expressed.