Branko Ćopić Fund Prize

The jury decided unanimously at its session held on 19th April 2010 to issue the award for prose to:
Ljubivoje Ršumović for outstanding visionary prose achievement Sunčanje na mesečini (Basking in the Moonlight)which shapes the motifs of fairies of remote countries and cultures in an inventive linguistic form. This short prose is characterized by seemingly innocent, children's unraveling of ultimate issues of the sense and absurdity of everything man is surrounded with in life – from the circumstances of the immediate environment to his desires and dreams, coincidence and luck in their realization. Ršumović continues by this book – as well as by his entire work – a great tradition in a modern form of the former Ćopić's creative work for children and the adults.
The jury also decided unanimously that the award for the best poetic achievement in the past period should be awarded to:
Miodrag Raičević for the work Dlan & Lopata (Palm & Shovel) published by the Cultural Center Novi Sad. In the book Raičević sings, often from a humorous-ironic angle the drama of a contemporary urban man. On the other hand, he shows discretely that the essence of such poetry consists of elegiac comprehension of the word. In Raičević's Dlan & Lopata alternate, against the tones of blues, man's social and emotional troubles. This alteration, with a medley of descriptive and colloquial. Os characterized by the directness of the poet's address.