The visit of Prof. Dr. Jože Trontelj, President of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Belgrade 6-7 May 2010
At the invitation of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Prof. Dr. Jože Trontelj, President of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, paid a visit to Belgrade on May 6-7, 2010. Professor Trontelj is a full Professor of Neurology at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, he authored and co-authored more than 150 articles and authored two books from the field of electromyography and physiological basis of neurological disorders. He has been President of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2008. He is Chairman of the National Medical Ethics Committee of Slovenia and the Slovenian delegate to the Steering Committee on Bioethics of the Council of Europe.
The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts hosted the meeting with the Executive Board and representatives of the Departments of SASA. The meeting was attended by: academician Nikola Hajdin, President, academician Ljubisav Rakić, Vice-President, academician Dimitrije Stefanović, Secretary General, academician Zoran Maksimović, Secretary of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geo-Sciences, academicians Petar Miljanić, Secretary of the Department of Technical Sciences, academician Vojislav Stanovčić, Secretary of the Department of Social Sciences, academician Dragoslav Marinković, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences and Honorary President of the Committee of Bioethics, corresponding member Predrag Piper, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Languages and Literatures, academician Ljubomir Maksimović, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Historical Sciences and Ms. Jadranka Šturm Kocjan, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Belgrade.
The present SASA members acquainted the guest with the onetime collaboration of the two Academies that used to cooperate in almost all research fields. The basis for collaboration could be identified in the activities and engagement of the Committee for Serbian language compared to other languages, headed by corresponding member Predrag Piper, as well as Inter-Academic Committee for Research of the Status of Minorities headed by Academician Vojislav Stanovčić. Inter-institutional collaboration executed by the SASA Institutes and their Slovenian counterparts (Institute of Ethnography, Institute of Balcanology, Institute of Musicology) can be a starting point for harmonization of joint projects of the two Academies for the purpose of gradual improvement of the Thematic Plan within other projects as well. Regional collaboration between the two academies (CEEN, GID) leaves room for considering general topics necessary for development of regional societies, as well as for initiating common projects whereby they could apply to the European Funds.
President Trontelj accepted with pleasure the proposals and suggestions of the Serbian side, emphasizing that the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts shows the readiness for restoration and institutionalization of cooperation between the two Academies by entering the Agreement on scientific cooperation whose focus would rest at implementation of concrete projects. The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts will mobilize through its Center for Scientific Work its members to submit all concrete cooperation projects. The talks also included the establishment of the Young Academy. Slovenian Academy does not support this idea but it agrees with the proposal that young and talented researchers should be supported and encouraged by the Academies through the establishment of centers for education of the young.
Within the program of his visit to Belgrade President Jože Trontelj visited, together with academician Ljubiša Rakić, Vice-President, the Institute for Biological Researches “Siniša Stanković” and delivered at the Academy the lecture titled “The Role of the European Academy in Education, Science and Ethics”.