Meeting with Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Daniel Hershkowitz

President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences academician Nikola Hajdin, on May 26, 2010 received Professor Daniel Hershkowitz, Israeli Minister of Science and Technology. The meeting was attended by academician Dimitrije Stefanović, Secretary General of SASA, academician Đorđe Šijački, academician Stevan Pilipović, His Excellency Arthur Koll, Israeli Ambassador in Belgrade with associates, Dr. Viktor Nedović, Assistant Minister of Science and Technological Development and Ljliljana Todorović, Head of the Office for International Collaboration of SASA.
Minister Hershkowitz teaches mathematics at the Israel Institute for Technology. He won numerous awards for mathematical researches, primarily in the domain of applied linear algebra. He was elected to the Knesset in February 2009, and was appointed in March 2009 the Minister of Science and Technology.
President Hajdin acquainted the guests with the organization, structure and activities of the Academy in both scientific and artistic creative endeavors, emphasizing that about 150 projects are realized within the Fund for Scientific Research Activities of the Academy, managed by the Academy members, with collaboration of about 1000 external associates.
Minister Hershkowitz reiterated that scientific and technological researches are Israel's priority and that 4.9% of country's GDP is allocated to such researches. Each Ministry appoints an assistant for science who manages a budget which finances the researches within the Ministry's scope of activities. Ministry of Economy and Trade disposes of the highest budget for innovative researches which amounts to half a billion Euros per annum. The greatest problem that Israel faces is brain-drain and the Government makes efforts to provide certain funds that would stimulate a hundred odd young people employed worldwide, particularly in the USA, to return to Israel. Certain funds are allocated to financing social sciences and humanities as well as for innovations within military industry for the purpose of improvement of country's defense.
Ambassador Koll announced that Serbia and Israel have signed a Cultural Agreement which offers one-year stipends for young researches for their specialization in Israel.
Representatives of SASA extended their wish for establishing cooperation with the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Arts. This Academy consists of about 100 most distinguished scientists and researchers divided into the following two sections: natural and social sciences. The Academy provides financial support to Israel Science Foundation and actively participates in the activities of the Israel Council for Research and Development.