Second International Conference on Geometry, Dynamics and Integrable Systems - GDIS 2010

The SASA President, academician Nikola Hajdin and Minister of Science and Technological Development, Božidar Djelić, received the participants of the international symposium “Second International Conference on Geometry, Dynamics and Integrable Systems – GDIS 2010”: academician Valery Vasilievich Kozlov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Science, Boris Anatol'evich Dubrovin, Head of Mathematical Physics Sectors at SISSA (Trieste), Igor Mojseevich Krichever, Head of Mathematical Department at the Columbia University and Anatolii Iserovich Neishtadt, professor at Lafboro (Great Britain).
The gathering with participation of 60 foreign guests from over 20 counties is organized jointly by the Mathematical Institute of SASA and the Mathematical Institute Steklov, Russian Academy of Science.
It was emphasized in the talks that Serbian mathematics is showing its readiness to integrate in an organized manner in the world scientific trends and projects and to invite participants of the gathering to work even more actively on a more systematic integration of Serbian mathematics and physics in Europe and other international projects. Integration and implementation of mathematics in other fields of science is important for the development of the country.
The results of local projects and the joint Italian-Serbian project coordinated by SISSA and SASA Mathematical Institute, financed by the Italian Government, will be presented at the conference.