The talk with Sir Arnold Wolfendale

President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts academician Nikola Hajdin received Sir Arnold Wolfendale, a member of the Royal Society, XIV Astronomer Royal and emeritus professor of the Department of Physics at the University of Durham. The talks were also attended by academician Ljubiša Rakić, Vice-President, academician Dimitrije Stefanović, General Secretary, academician Đorđe Šijački and Ljiljana Todorović, Head of the Office for International Cooperation.

The talks were related to possibilities for improving the cooperation between SASA and the Royal Academy in London. It was emphasized that the collaboration between the two institutions commenced as early as during the period of operation of the Serbian Royal Academy and lasted all until the introduction of sanctions. Currently this collaboration is not institutionalized, but it is still in progress within the joint projects and mutual study trips of researchers. Sir Arnold Wolfendale informed those present that in the period from 2006 until present 8 study trips within 3 joint projects which engage researchers from Serbia have been realized. The period 2004-2008 was marked by publishing joint articles in scientific journals.

The Royal Society provides young Serbian researchers with the opportunity to make connections via the wide network of this Society's researchers and for the purpose of harmonization of joint projects. Only individual collaboration or cooperation between groups can increase the chances for acquiring the financial assets from the European funds. Serbian researchers are offered the opportunity of using the scholarships from the following two funds: Newton International Scholarships that provides training in Great Britain for best researchers at postgraduate studies in the fields of natural and social sciences and another fund with stipends that imply short study trips from one to twelve weeks, exclusively for researchers in the fields of natural sciences.

After the talks in the Academy, Sir Arnold Wolfendale delivered a lecture titled ASTRONOMERS ROYAL THROUGH CENTURIES in the State Hall of SASA.