An international scientific meeting “Exploring Synergies Between Bioterrorism Preparedness and General Public Health Measures” was held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, November 15-17”.

The Conference was attended by 35 experts from 22 countries from Europe, USA, Middle East and World Health Organization. Dr. Goran Belojević, professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Belgrade University, emphasized that this was the first meeting of its kind in Serbia, where many aspects of biterrorism were discussed. It was an exceptional occasion for the exchange of experience of experts from the countries that were struck by bioterrorist attacks and those countries that are preparing to respond to such attacks. It is important that the Serbian public health system is prepared, and that additional efforts are made in regard to bioterrorism prevention, continual education of medical professionals and reasonable investments in equipment that are necessary for responding to a bioterrorist attack. The scientists from Serbia, with the help of experts from Germany, have developed an original model for increasing the efficiency of the existing public-health system infrastructure in defense against bioterrorism, Dr. Vladan Radosavljević, professor at the Military Academy, remarked.

The Vice President of SASA, academician Ljubiša Rakić emphasized that the most significant result of the scientific conference is the newly-established network of institutions and conference participants who will monitor the operation of joint projects, implementation of project results and improvement of the model of defense against bioterrorism. It will serve as a basis for initiation of international projects that will be financed by the European Community, both within the FP7 Program and/or Committee on Science and Technology (COST).

The Conference was also evaluated with highest grades by Dr. Iris Hunger from the University of Hamburg – Research Group for Biological Weapons and Arms Control and Dr. Lisa Rotz, representative of the Center for Infection Control and Prevention, Department of Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response.