Digital Treasury of the Chilandar!

The Foundation of the Holy Monastery of Chilandar, Telekom Serbia and the SASA Committee for Chilandar presented at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art the project “Digital Treasury of the Chilandar” which represents the attempt to save the rich cultural heritage of Chilandar in electronic form and make it accessible to the scientific and broader public.

The support by Telekom Serbia company provided in the form of information and telecommunication equipment for the Monastery of Chilandar and its foundation provided a new incentive to the project of digitalization of the Chilandar treasure, commenced before the destructive fire in 2004. This provided the major technical prerequisites for forming and use of the future digital treasury of the Monastery of Chilandar.

„Thanks to the support of Telekom Serbia, the spiritual and cultural wealth of the highest order will be preserve, inscribed in the list of world heritage. When we are talking about preservation we have to emphasize the renewal of the Chilandar, with digitalization being its integral part. We are launching from Monday a national campaign – an appeal in the form of collecting donations by SMS messages and fixed number. The drive was launched with the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church”, said Milivoj Randjić, director of the Foundation of the Holy Monastery of Chilandar

The Director General of Telekom Serbia, Branko Radujko, said that the company had the great honor to participate in the historical renewal of the Monastery of Chilandar and digitalization of the heritage. He expressed the expectation that this will be an incentive to the other business world to contribute to the same endeavors.

On behalf of the Chilandar, the first epitrope of the Monastery, hieromonk Serafim delivered a letter of thanks to Branko Radojko for the Telekom Serbia company for its contribution to the renewal of the Monastery.

The SASA Secretary General academician Dimitrije Stefanović, greeted the representatives of the media, thanked Telekom Serbia, the Foundation and all the participants in the project for the dedicated work sending a message that the young have to take over the care for the heritage because this way they will be building their future.

A part of the results of digitalization of the monastery Chilandar was presented at the conference, with the reproduction of selected medieval charters with descriptions and electronic Serbian-Slavic letter “The Chilandar Constitution” authored by Zoran Kostić. Preparations are in progress on the monograph of charters of the Serbian rulers kept in the Chilandar, which will contain the interpreted Serbian-Slavic text, new translation to the contemporary Serbian language, registers of toponyms, personal names and respective maps. On the project headed by Dr Mirjana Živković, corresponding member of SASA and President of the Chilandar Committee of SASA, participate as expert associates Professor Tomislav Jovanovic and Viktor Savic M.A. research associates of the SASA Institute for Serbian Language.